The ideal digital SLR

The ideal digital SLR (status as of December, 2005)

The functionality and image quality of existing digital SLR camera equals, without a doubt, the quality of analogue cameras. But there is still some room for improvements.

Live image
Some applications require a live image. For example, when a camera is mounted on a microscope or the “Wolfenbüttel Book Reflector”, it may not be possible to look through the viewfinder. Or, cameras capturing images of a scientific experiment may be located in another room for safety reasons. If a live image were available on the implemented pivoted LCD panel, as well as the video output of the camera, it would help tremendously. From there it is just a small step to enable the camera to provide video capture. Keeping the development in storage capacity of existing storage cards in mind this might replace some of the video cameras in scientific applications.
Other problems occur if the optical view finder is replaced by an electronic viewfinder. It is common knowledge that electronic viewfinders suffer from low resolution and bad visibility under bright lighting conditions. And there is also an issue of low refreshing frequencies, if the camera is set to a burst mode.